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Domain Management

In this tutorial we will be showing how to order and access Domain Management.

Domain Management is a $10.00 per year addon for your domain registration that will allow you to setup DNS records for a domain you have registred with us that does not have a hosting pacakge.

How to order Domain Management

  1. To order Domain Management for your domain please submit a ticket with this request to our Support, within the ticket provide the domain you wish to have Domain Management added to as well as the answer to your account security question for verification of the request.
    • You will need to update your domains name servers to the name servers below in order for your domain to point correctly for the use of Domain Management. (Assistance with editing your name servers can be found at

    • Once Domain Management is setup you will have access to the DNS Management section within your client area.

Accessing your DNS Management

To access your DNS Manager please follow our wiki at DNS Management