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Easily Managed Windows Firewall via Control Panel

  1. Within the control panel (WCP), from the top menu choose Account VPS Manager.
  2. Select Firewall Management
  3. Find the service you want to manage and click the Edit pencil icon
  4. Make any needed changes
  5. Click Save

View when changes were made to Windows Firewall on your Windows VPS

In order to see what changes were made to Windows Firewall on your VPS, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on Start --> Administrative Tools
  2. Select Event Viewer and open it
  3. Expand Applications and Services Logs
  4. Expand Microsoft
  5. Expand Windows
  6. Expand Windows Firewall
  7. Click on Firewall

Each information entry is a change and what user made it with a date/time stamp.