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How to use WHMCS Billing Control Panel

Changing your password
Ordering upgrades and product addons
Updating your profile

WHMCS For Resellers

  • Optional... ie, not required for resellers: If you are a hosting reseller and wish to automate your billing, WHMCS is one of the most widely used billing control panels to handle this. We also offer plugins for MochaPanel and cPanel that handle provisioning hosting accounts and domain registrations.

We do not include the WHMCS license, but we will insure that we get you going and integrated successfully. You can order WHMCS directly.

If you are installing WHMCS onto a Windows-based account, please notify Support via the ticketing system. The WHMCS database will need to be setup on an alternate MySQL server to ensure compatibility.

WHMCS For Resellers Demo

Resellers: Integrate your WCP Reseller account with WHMCS

Installation and Configuration

If you use WHMCS to handle your billing, you could integrate it with our WCP control panel which would allow you to automatically create, terminate, suspend and unsuspend accounts automatically for your reseller account.


  • Licensed WHMCS installation
  • WCP Reseller Account

To order and download WHMCS go to: whmcs.com To get a WCP account, you'll need to sign up for a reseller account: http://hostek.com/reseller-hosting.asp

First, you'll need to download the WCP Reseller module for WHMCS from http://hostek.com/resellerwcp/resellerwcp-latest.zip.

Follow these steps to add it to your installation of WHMCS:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and you should have a directory called resellerwcp.
  2. Edit the resellerwcp.php and set your reseller ID and Auth key. (The reseller ID can be found in WCP once you login and click on Reseller Settings. AuthKey can also be set/viewed there.)
    1. Note: The "WCP_AUTHKEY" can be found [and set] in your WCP Reseller Settings under API AuthPass.
  3. Place the resellerwcp directory in your WHMCS installation under modules/servers/.
  4. resellerwcp should now appear as one of the server modules. Edit your products in WHMCS and set the module settings to use resellerwcp. Under module settings be sure to select the Server Type for this product: (Windows_2012_IIS8,ColdFusion_11_on_Windows,Linux, etc..)
    The Package Name field is optional. If you have a package created in WCP, you could enter it in the Package Name so that accounts will be created under that WCP package if you wish. If you check "Customer Name Type" option, new accounts will automatically create a user in WCP and use the WHMCS client's company name as the Customer Name in WCP instead of the client name. If a client has a blank company name, the client name will be used instead.
  5. When editing the product, be sure to create the following Custom Fields. This is very important because it allows this module to import the details of a new hosting accounts so that you could include it in your client emails.
    • FTP Host
    • Mail Server
    • Pre-Propagation URL
    • Primary Name Server
    • Secondary Name Server
    These custom fields need to be named exactly as listed
    Make sure that it looks like this screen shot:
    Resellerwcp customfields.png
  6. You can now execute the module Create, Terminate, Suspend, and Unsuspend functions.

E-mail Templates

If you would like to use any of the hosting account information in a Product/Service Email template, you could do so using the variables in the example below. This will only work if you created the Custom Fields from the configuration step above.

FTP Host: {$service_custom_fields.0}
FTP Username: {$service_username}
FTP Password: {$service_password}
Mail Server: {$service_custom_fields.1}
Pre-Prop URL: {$service_custom_fields.2}
NS1: {$service_custom_fields.3}
NS2: {$service_custom_fields.4}

For cPanel Linux accounts the login information would look like:
cPanel Login URL: https://{$service_custom_fields.0}:2083
cPanel username: {$service_username}
cPanel Password: {$service_password}

Alternatively you could use this for the cPanel Login URL: https://{$service_custom_fields.0}/cpanel

Additional Details

Globally use client's company name as Customer Name in WCP

If you need to use client's company name as the Customer Name in WCP for all your products, you could set it globally in the module resellerwcp.php file. To do so, edit this line
define("USE_COMPANYNAME", false);
and set it to:
define("USE_COMPANYNAME", true);

If set to true, the "Customer Name Type" setting under product module settings will be ignored.

Support, bug reports, and feature requests

Contact our support department: support@hostek.com.