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How to Customize WCP to Your Brand

  1. Login at wcp.hostek.com
  2. Navigate to the drop-down box located in the top right corner and select "Reseller Manager"
  3. In the Reseller Management Area click on “Reseller Settings”
  4. A tabbed box will open that allows you to customize WCP to your brand. The different tabs will be discussed below

General Tab

  1. Control Panel URL: The URL that your reseller account will utilize for re-branded client access
  2. FavIcon Image: Specify the URL of the asset file wish your visitors to see for the "Favorites" Icon.
  3. Logo URL: Specify the URL of the asset file (your logo) visitors see in the top left of their dashboard.
  4. iPhone Logo URL (169 x 35): Specify the URL of the asset file you wish visitors to see when utilizing the WCP dashboard management App for iPhone.
  5. Holding Page: Specify the URL of the page you wish your client's site be directed to when there is no content in their domain.
  6. Suspended Site Redirect URL: Specify the URL of the page you wish your client's site be directed to in the event that you suspend their services.
  7. Pre-Propagation Domain: This setting will determine the pre-propagation (testing URL) that is applied to your reseller client's accounts. When set to "Default" the testing URL produced for all of your client domains will use the following structure conventions (DomainName-com.ServerNumber.ezhostingserver.com). When this option is set to your domain name, then your client's testing URLs will be instead set to (DomainName-com.ServerNumber.yourdomain.com.)
  8. Default Server Type: Specifies the default server type that new client accounts are set to when creating new domains. This only controls the value that is displayed by default during the new account creation process, You will still have the ability of selecting a different hosting server type when creating a new domain via your dashboard.


This area is used to specify any custom nameservers that you wish your clients to use, in the event that you employ vanity name server's (i.e. NS1.yourdomain.com). Otherwise, if left unmodified, yor clients would utilize our "whitelabel" DNs servers of NS1.EZhostingServer.com and NS2.EZHostingserver.com. To enable it you must check the custom name servers box


These settings will allow you to add custom links to your client's Dashboard so that they can be quickly redirected to sections of your site or to contact email addresses. For Example you can Specify an entry with a Label of "Contact Support and and URL of "support.yourdomain.com" or "mailto:support@yourdomain.com" to direct your clients to your support services.

Permissions Template

If you choose to customize this section, it will allow you to pick and choose what dashboard applications your clients have access to by default. This will allow you to restrict their access to certain dashboard functions such as FTP or other sections.

Account Information Template

These settings specify the structure of the emails generated and sent to your client's when their domain is created. If you wish to add additional details or instructions to for your clients, you can edit the contents to reflect you desired format. Additionally, this section utilizes special Place-Holder variables within the text which are used to place the values of the newly created account. These placeholders are denoted by the use of "[]" around the variable name. These variables can also be moved around, removed, or specified multiple time to generate the email form structure you would prefer.