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Supported Programs FAQ

Q. Do you support Microsoft SharePoint Services?
A. We do not offer this as a service. But if you manage your own VPS then running a MS SharePoint Server is your option, however, we do not offer direct support of MS SharePoint.

Q. Can I run SugarCRM on your servers?
A. Yes, SugarCRM is supported on our server as are other Customer Relation Management and Customer Management Systems.

Q. Do you support ImageMagick
A. Yes, we support ImageMagick on our Linux servers and Windows servers.

Q. Do you support Imagick
A.Yes, we support Imagick on our Linux servers.

Q. Do you support Microsoft Silverlight
A. Yes, we support Microsoft Silverlight

Q. Do you support gaming servers?
A. Most games do not allow you to run your own server. We do not allow you to run gaming servers that violate the TOS of the gaming company.

Blogging and CMS

Q. Do you support blogging software (CMS) with your hosting service?
A. Yes, we support most of the blogging/cms systems out there, including the following: