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Windows Reseller Management

  1. To manage your domain, login to the WCP Control Panel, using the details below
  2. URL:
  3. Username: "client email"
  4. Password: ** same as your password **
  5. Click on the icon that says "Reseller Manager"
  6. Here you can "Add Customer" "Add Domain" "Arrange Domains" and "Manage Domain"

Customer Accounts

  1. To add a customer account please follow.
  2. Login to the WCP Control Panel, using the details below
  3. URL:
  4. Username: "client email"
  5. Password: ** same as your password **
  6. Click on the icon that says Reseller Manager
  7. Click on the "Add Customer" Icon.
  8. You will fill out the following information.
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Customer User name
  • Customer password
    • If you want to edit the permissions on the account then check the "Limit Permissions" box.
  • Click save

Adding Domains

  1. Once you login to your control panel and the main screen comes up.
  2. Click on the icon that says "Reseller Manager"
  3. Now click on the Icon that says "Add Domain"
  4. Fill out the information
  • Domain name (Note DO not add www before the domain name)
  • IMPORTANT under the "Customer" tab that will put this under the customer account that you created or that you want it to be under.
  • To put it under a customer account that you created select that particular one in the drop down.
  • To put it under your main reseller account select your reseller account customer name in the drop down
  • User name
  • Password
  • Server Type: (Linux, ColdFusion, Windows, ColdFusion on Linux or Railo)
  • Click Save
  • After creating a customer, that customer can login and manage all domains under their account using the following details:
  • URL: OR your custom URL that has been configured in the Reseller Settings.
  • Username: ** as specified when creating the account **
  • Password: ** as specified when creating the account **

Arrange Accounts

  1. Once you login to your control panel and the main screen comes up.
  2. Click on the icon that says "Reseller Manager"
  3. Now click on the Icon that says "Arrange Domains"
  4. Select the domain name you are wanting to move to another customer account and drag and drop it under the customer account that you want.
  5. Click Save

Cancel Domain / Remove Domain

  • To Cancel/Remove a domain from your Reseller Account:
  1. Login to
  2. Once logged in, click on the "Reseller Manager" icon.
    1. If you are already in the Reseller Manager Area, you can move to the next step.
    2. If you can't see the Reseller Manager button, you can move to the next step.
  3. Click "List Domains" then click on the trash-can icon next to the domain you want to remove. (Please see Step 6 for Permanently Deleting your Domain(s))
  4. If it throws an error please check and remove the following first
    • Sub-domains
    • Domain Aliases
    • Databases & DSN
  5. This will automate the billing, etc., so that if you complete the cancellation before the next billing cycle invoice generates, the cancelled domain(s) should not be included in the calculation or on the Reseller Invoice Detail email listing of domains for that billing cycle.
  6. Normal Deletions will disable the domain and partially delete the site. This is for your convenience in case this was done on accident, or you change your mind in the future.
  7. To Permanently delete Domains, please see the following steps:
    1. Login to your WCP ( and navigate to your Reseller Manager.
    2. Click the "List Domains" button.
    3. Click the Pencil Icon next to the domain.
    4. Select Force Removal.

Custom NameServers

  1. Login to WCP here:
  2. From your Reseller Manager panel click on Reseller Settings
  3. Go to the NameServers tab
  4. Check the Use Custom Nameservers: box to generate your Custom NameServers
    1. You'll want to make sure that you own the domain name that you use for the Custom NameServers
  5. Change the NameServers for your Domain at your Registrar
    1. For those that are Registered with us you would make these changes in your Billing Area here and this will explain how to do that.

Linux/cPanel Reseller Management

How to Login

  • Video tutorial here
  • To manage within your account, login to your WHM with the steps below:
  1. Login at:
  2. Login credentials are in the Account Information Email sent when account was first set up.
  3. Here you can manage your domain(s), Email(s), Account(s), DNS, Packages, ETC.

Account Information

  • To view your current Account(s)
  1. Within your reseller/WHM, simply enter List Accounts in the Find search section.
  2. Click on List Accounts, which will bring up the current account(s) you have..
  3. Click on the cPanel Icon if you would like to manage within a specific account.
  4. Reset the Password for any cPanel Account through WHM by finding their Account through List Accounts, press the [+] icon, and select Change Password.

You may also view the following in the same location under Account Information.

  • Parked Domains
  • Sub-domains
  • Suspended Accounts

Managing Account(s) in your Reseller (WHM)

  • Login to your Linux account control panel that we sent you
  • Control Panel:
  • user
  • Password
  • Click on WHM WebHost Manager

How to Create a Package

  1. Click on "Packages"
  2. Now click on "Add Packages"
  3. Now lets create a pre-defined package and give it a name.
  4. Now fill out the following accordingly.
  • New Package Name
  • Enter all the Resources accordingly (Set limits per each based on the limits set on your reseller account)
  • Now set the "Options" under settings.
  • Click on "Add"
  • This should add the package successfully.
  • Now that you have created a package lets create a hosting account

How to Create a New Hosting Account

  • Video tutorial here
  • Click on " Account Functions "
  • Now click on "Create a New Account"
  • Enter in the information to the following sections below correctly.
  • Domain
  • Username
  • Password
  • Re-type Password
  • Email
  • Now choose a package that you created in the "Choose a Package" section.
  • In the "Settings" Locale choose your preference.
  • Set the desired DNS settings.
  • Set the desired "Mail Routing Settings"
  • Now click "Create"

How to Edit and Delete Hosting Packages

  • Video tutorial here
  • Editing Packages
  1. Click on Packages.
  2. Now Click on Edit Packages.
  3. Select the appropriate plan in the Packages Area and Click Edit.
  4. Now make the appropriate changes and Click Edit to save the changes.
  • Deleting Packages
  1. Back in the Packages Menu
  2. Click on Delete Packages
  3. Select the appropriate plan in the Packages Area and Click Delete.
  • Note: That deleting packages does not delete the actual hosting accounts that were created using the package. It only removes the package as an option when creating new accounts.

How to Modify a User's Quota

  • Here are the written steps to manage your customers' quotas:
  1. Login to WHM
  2. Go to Account Functions
  3. Select Quota Modification
  4. You can manually find the account by looking through the list, or use the Account Search feature to search by domain or user.
  5. Click one of the options at the bottom of the screen:
    1. Click Modify to change a single quota.
    2. Click Show all Accounts to view all of your users’ quotas.
      1. From this list, you can change multiple quotas at once.
    3. Click Show Only this Reseller’s Accounts to view only the accounts that belong to a specific reseller.
  6. Define the new quota(s) in the available text field(s).
    1. (The quota is defined in Megabytes.)
  7. Click Save.