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How will support issues be handled?

We will support you and you will support your clients. Any issue that your client has, for which you require our assistance, should go from your client to you, then from you to us via our online support ticket system at

Will Clients have their own Control Panel

Yes. Your clients would have access to a control panel.

The URL would depend on the type of reseller account you have and the platform.

If the reseller account is a Linux Reseller account, you will get the url from your cPanel login that they would need.

If you are a Windows or ColdFusion reseller...

NOTE: We automatically create a entry in the DNS for this. If you have the DNS pointed to our servers, your customers can go to to login (using your domain instead of of course)

Will each resold domain have a unique IP address?

In years past, having a static IP had benefits. However, as the quantity of available IP's keeps being reduced, technologies have changed so that having a static IP is no longer needed.

However, if you do have to have a static IP for some reason, we make those available at an additional $5 per month charge per dedicated IP address requested.

SSL certificates can now be applied without having to utilize a static IP, which removes the most common need for a static IP.

Can my clients maintain their own email accounts?

Yes. Your customers will have full access to the web mail administration for their email accounts.

Can I have my own Name Servers?

For our reseller customers, yes. We can help you get the Name Servers in place for you to use your own Name Servers for your customers.

How do I additional a domain to my reseller account?

You would log into your Control Panel and add the domain.
Once you are logged in, you can "Add Domain" to your account.

Does every additional domain get their own email accounts?

Windows and Coldfusion Resellers
Each domain will have a total of 2000MB of e-mail disk space.

Linux Resellers
Each domain gets email but the space is part of their hosting space as well.

How is the disk space of my Reseller Plan divided among my customers?

That is up to you. You can split up the entire allotment of disk space under your reseller plan among all of your clients however you see fit.