Requesting Withdrawal from Affiliate Balance

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In this tutorial we will be showing how you can request a withdrawal from your affiliate account, in order to request a withdrawal you must have at least $100 within your affiliate account.

  1. Is your affiliate balance >= $100
    1. If yes, please proceed to step 2.

    2. Click to expand]]

    3. If no, a withdrawal is not possible as your affiliate balance must be >=$100.

  2. Where do you live?
    1. If in the United States, make sure to first provide us with a W-9

    2. Please complete and fax back a W-9. You can get the W-9 at:

      You can fax the W9 to: 1-866-565-5138

    3. If you live outside of the United States, make sure you first provide us with a W-8BEN

    4. Please complete and fax back a W-8BEN. You can get the W-8BEN at:

      Instructions for form:

      You can fax the W-8BEN to:


  3. Once all of the above is verified and completed, then you can submit a Support Ticket to billing requesting the withdrawal.

    1. Be sure to include how you prefer the withdrawal handled within your ticket to billing:
      1. applied as a credit to your account
      2. paid via paypal (if so, what email address)
      3. sent via check