Ordering SSL Certificate

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Ordering SSL Certificate

In this tutorial we will be showing how to order a SSL Certificate.

  1. Log into your [https://cp.hostek.com Client Area}
  2. Click to expand

  3. Click on Services then Order New Services
  4. Click to expand

  5. Find the Certificate you would like to order and click 'Order Now'.
  6. Click to expand

  7. Fill in the necessary information in the text boxes accurately, then click 'Continue'.
  8. Click to expand

    • Approval Email Address
    • The email addresses below are the only email addresses we can assign for the SSL approval email

      • admin@
      • administrator@
      • hostmaster@
      • postmaster@
      • webmaster@

    If you choose "hostmaster@" an approval email will be sent to hostmaster@yourdomain.com , where yourdomain.com is your actual domain.

    • URL to Secure
    • This is the URL that will be secured by the SSL Certificate. Our GeoTrust Rapid SSL and GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificates will allow you to secure both the www and non www version of your domain by entering the www version of your domain within this field. All other SSL certificates will only secure the specific URL entered.

    • Your Company Name
    • Enter the name of your Company

    • Organization within Company
    • Enter the name of the organization within your company, example: IT, WEB, SALES.

    • Company State
    • Enter the State that your company resides in.

    • Company City
    • Enter the City that your company resides in.

    You will be contacted via Email/Phone, if needed, for any further information.

  9. Review your order and the click Checkout to complete order and submit payment
  10. Click to expand

    Once order is paid our support team will order the SSL certificate for you, once you receive the SSL approval email at the address you chose please approve this. Once the SSL is approved our support team will receive and install the certificate on the server for your domain.