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Ordering a MSSQL Database

Most of our shared hosting plans include enough database space to accommodate most databases. However, in the rare case in which your database is larger than most, here are the steps to order additional SQL database space.

To order an MS SQL database, please go to this url https://cp.hostek.com/order.php and click "Databases" You will then enter the following information:

Requested Database Name: Enter the name you would like for your MS SQL database. You should try to select something unique to your domain name. If your domain name were "brightsunnyday.com" you could name your database "bsddata" rather than just "data".

Requested Database Username: Enter the username you would like for your MS SQL database. This, again, should be unique to your domain name.

Requested Database Password: Enter the password you would like to use for your MS SQL database. This can be anything you want. We strongly urge you not to use simple passwords such as "1234" or "password," rather, you should choose something at least six characters long and using at lease one letter and one number.

Database Engine Select whether you want to order a SQL 2000 or 2008 database.

Please allow up to 1 hour for the database to be created. You will receive an Email with your MS SQL 2008 Database information and instructions once it has been setup.