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Installing NopCommerce

Please follow these steps to install NopCommerce on your site hosted on a Windows server

  1. Login to the control panel at
  2. Click on ASP.NET settings
  3. Make sure version 4/4.5 is selected
  4. Make sure the option FULL TRUST is checked
  5. Save
  6. Click on MSSQL
  7. Create a database and user for nopcommerce to use here and save. Take not of the database name, user, and server it is placed on.
  8. Visit and download the Web (No source) file
  9. Extract the archive
  10. Copy the contents of the extracted nopCommerce folder to the site's web root (wwwroot)
  11. View the site using a browser
  12. This will bring up the installation page
  13. In the Admin user email field, enter a new email that will be used to enter the admin area of your site.
  14. In the Admin user password field, enter your new password and confirm it.
  15. Check the Create sample data checkbox to include sample data in the database
  16. Select the Use an existing SQL Server (or SQL Express) database checkbox
  17. In the Database name field, enter your database name
  18. In the SQL Server name or IP address enter the server name you took not of above (example:
  19. In SQL account, enter the username you used for the database and the password
  20. Click install to start the installation process
  21. When setup is completed, your new site's homepage will be displayed

Following these steps will install NopCommerce on your site. You can also take note of NopCommerce's installation article located here for further reference: