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MySQL Database Versions

  • MySQL 5 is the current version we are using, which is the latest version.
  • The minor version (ie, 5.x.x) may vary slightly from server to server. If you need to find this out for a specific domain, just contact the support department via email or a support ticket and include the domain name and we'll get you that information. If you need the MySQL version on a server upgraded, we would be able to do that as well.
  • When a new server goes online, the most recent version of MySQL is installed on that server. If you are ordering for the first time, your account will most likely be setup on a newly launched server so it will have a very recent version of MySQL installed. If you need to make sure your site is setup on a server with a specific version (or higher) of MySQL, you can include that information in the "Comments" section of the order form.