MySQL - How to install on your Windows VPS

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  1. Run the installer program
  2. Chose Chose Typical Setup and Click Next
  3. At the end of the setup, check the box to launch the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard and click Finish

MySQL Configuration Wizard:

  1. Chose Detailed Configuration and click Next
  2. Chose Server Machine and click Next
  3. Chose Multifunctional Database and click Next
  4. Leave InnoDB Tablespace settings to default and click Next
  5. Leave Decision Support (DSS) checked and click Next
  6. Check "Add firewall exception for this port, leaving both TCP and strict mode checked. Click Next
  7. Leave Standard Character Set checked and click Next.
  8. Leave Install As a Windows Service and "Launch the MySQL Server checked. Also check Include Bin directory in Windows Path
  9. Set a strong password for MySQL root and record. You will need to give this to us later. Also check Enable root access from remote machines. The anonymous account check box must be unchecked. Click Next to continue.
  10. Click execute.

When done:

  1. On the desktop, open Services.
  2. Right click on Mysql and select Properties.
  3. Click on the "Recovery" tab
  4. For the first two options select "Restart Service"
  5. Apply the changes
  6. Visit and submit a support ticket letting us know you installed MySQL and need it integrated with WCP. Please include the MySQL root password.