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How to use Google Apps mail servers with Web Hosting

Support for Google Apps, more specifically Google Mail is supported by changing the MX records for you're domain name in the DNS zone. While these terms may seem confusing simply stated letting the internet know that you prefer to use Google Mail as the primary mail source for To use or continue using Google Mail or other Google Apps requiring custom DNS records, please follow this guide:

For a new domain ( not previously purchased:

Choose a hosting plan that meets you're needs, and complete our standard order process.After receiving the email from, containing all the details for hosting including FTP, DNS, and the MOST IMPORTANT, login details for the control panel either our Windows Control Panel (WCP) or Cpanel Control Panel.

For domains previously purchased and pointing to another hosting provider:

Before pointing you're domain name to the name servers complete all the steps explained here.

Google Apps in WCP Control Panel

To set the MX records for your domain for Google apps click on the DNS Zone editor within your WCP control panel.

Remove all current MX records by clicking on the trash can next to the MX record.

Click "Add DNS Record" button

Leave name blank (this will automatically populate with your domain name once saved)

Choose MX from the Type drop down

Paste record provided by Google


-- Note you will need to create a MX record for each record provided by Google --

Google Apps in cPanel

To set the MX records for your domain for Google apps click on the MX Entry icon within the Mail section in your cPanel.

Under Email Routing select Remote Mail Exchanger

Remove all current MX records by clicking on Delete next to the MX record.

Then add the new records with the correct Priority level

Google MX Records to use

Priority Mail Server