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FrontPage for Shared Hosting

FrontPage is supported with Shared Windows Hosting on our Windows 2003 servers, please include a comment during checkout in the "Notes / Additional Information" box.

FrontPage (FPSE) for Windows VPS Hosting

FrontPage is not natively supported on our Windows VPS Hosting but there are options.

Support for FrontPage Extensions were discontinued after Windows Server 2003, this specifically applies to those using FP to "Publish" a web. Windows 2008 and 2012 do not have native support, however you can still utilize FrontPage to publish with FTP on either. A third party tool from Ready 2 Run Software is available for installing FrontPage Extensions on a Windows Server 2008 and/or 2012 VPS.

The software installs on the Windows 2008 VPS and adds the ability to "Extend" FrontPage to sites which require the ability to "Publish" using FrontPage. Licenses can be purchased directly from the company and installed on your VPS. To prepare for adding FrontPage to your server follow these instructions:

  1. BEFORE ORDERING YOUR VPS - specify in the "Notes / Additional Information" box that you will need Windows 2008.
  2. Follow the steps for installing the R2R FrontPage Extensions - Hosted License.
  3. Before step 5, calculate the number of sites you will have on the server, NOT just that will use FrontPage. Mocha Panel requires two sites, FTP and cpservice for managing your server, so two additional licenses are required.
    • Example,,,, but only uses FrontPage you will need a license for 5 because their software calculates the TOTAL number of sites within IIS wihch includes FTP and cpservice.
    • See pricing information:
    • Tip, on the first step of checking out, you will ONLY select the number of "Sub-Webs" needed. The SECOND page allows you to specify the number of SITES to be hosted in IIS.
  4. After ordering complete the steps to activate your licenses - you should notice a Desktop icon named "FrontPage Server Extensions", use this for Extending FrontPage for any sites.

How to order RTR FPSE

Product Selection:

1) Go to the following link: 2) Leave Per site annual license fee: as default - "Up to 25 subwebs/site - $5" 3) Leave the License Type as "Hosted" 4) Enter the server's main IP address in the IIS 7.5 Server IP Address 5) Enter the email address you want to use 6) Click Add to Cart

How to upgrade an existing number of RTR FPSE licenses

1) Locate the "Existing License" under License Upgrade. Note the number of sites. 1a) To upgrade a license you'll want to update the # of sites to include the # of existing sites. (NOTE: If you do not include the number of existing sites with the number of new licenses you want you will get a error message). 2) After entering the correct number of sites, click the "Update Cart" button. This will update the price prorated with the current number of licenses. 3) Click Checkout