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Resetting Password to WCP

The WCP control panel has two different login options. You can either login with the main account information, which uses the same login credentials as your billing control panel, or you can login with a user-created additional control panel login.

Resetting password for main control panel user

The main control panel user is actually just the same login information as the billing control panel. So attempt to locate your username (e-mail on file) and password for the billing control panel and try logging into WCP with that information. If you need to reset the password to your billing control panel then you can follow our tutorial on resetting the billing account password.

Resetting password for additional control panel users

Resetting the password for any additional control panel users requires you to first login to the control panel with the main account user or with a user with the needed permissions. You can follow our tutorial on resetting the password to additional control panel users.