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Installing FileZilla FTP Server on your Windows VPS

You may not want to use Windows built-in FTP Server but instead use FileZilla's FTP server service. This article will explain how to get this working on your VPS.

Installation and Setup - Windows

   *Run the exe installer (it can be obtained here:
   *Select admin port and remember this port
   *Launch FileZilla Server Interface
   *Enter admin port you selected, enter (new) password for administration, click ok/connect
   *Create a user and/or group with permissions to a home directory.
   *Add additional directory and set the alias name to display within home directory (e.g. /AliasName)

Extra Configuration changes in FileZilla FTP Server

Firewall Exception

  • After installation, make sure FileZilla Server is registered as allowed programs to the built-in firewall's allowed programs.
  1. In the Control Panel, select System and Security.
  2. In Windows Firewall section, choose 'Allowed Programs' to open configuration window.
  3. Check both private and public network selection for "FileZilla Server" (Not "FileZilla Server Interface".
    1. If "FileZilla Server" is not listed, remember to add "C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\FileZilla server.exe" or wherever it is installed).
    2. If private network is not selected, the incoming FTP connection would be blocked.

Port Range Change

The Default Port Range in FileZilla Server will need to be changed to the Custom Port Range of "5550-5599" as these are the only ports we have open in our System-wide Firewall for Passive FTP Connections at this time.