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Email Troubleshooting

Starting Out

If you'd like to set up your Mail Client for the first time or just a refresher course, please see this section here: Email Client Setup Tutorials

Unable to Send Email

If Incoming Email is working, but your Outgoing Mail seems to be failing, please continue with these steps:

  1. Make sure your email client has SMTP Authentication enabled.
    1. You'll need to input the entire email accurate by going to your WebMail interface. (i.e. or
  2. Try changing your Outgoing SMTP Port [from 25] to one of these alternate SMTP ports: 26 and 587.
    1. Sometimes ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will block the default SMTP port (25), so it is necessary to change the port number.
  3. Ensure that Encryption / SSL is set to None or that it is simply off.
    1. If you need to use SSL, please see this section here: SSL
  4. The Outgoing and Incoming MailServers should be exactly the same (if you are using our MailSystem).
    1. Please see the section below to further recognize your MailServer)


Here are examples of what your MailServer should resemble:

    1. "" is our Reseller friendly Alias.
  • Note: That the ## in our examples here represent real numbers of real servers.

Message Size Limit

For accounts using our Shared Plans, the Max Message Size Limit [sending AND receiving] is 30MB. This may or may not be the reason that your attachment or email cannot send.

MX Records

One thing to check, especially if it's an issue with receiving emails, is to see if your MX Records are set up correctly to use our MailSystem.