Disaster Recovery

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Are you prepared? We can help!

Hostek.com can provide you with a full Disaster Recovery plan and solution for your server needs. Contact our VPS Sales team today for a free consultation.

Hostek.com's Preparations

Hostek.com has taken disaster recovery into account at all levels.

Power: We have full A and B power on all equipment. A and B power means that each rack has a completely unique incoming source for A and B circuit respectively. This means is either A or B loses power, the other will continue functioning.

Additionally, we have RPS's (remote power supplies) for all switches.

For all pieces of the network, we have N+1 minimally.

We utilize vmWare (the premier virtualization software) which handles automated monitoring and shuffling of servers in the event of any hardware failure. A server can go down and vmWare will migrate that server to a different piece of hardware with no interruption (we have seen this live, and in tests).

For the SAN's, we utilize Dell's Compellent. Compellent is Dell's enterprise grade storage solution. We utilize both a Primary and a Secondary SAN. This is unusual in the industry because the SAN's have full redundant everything anyway. However, we have chosen to implement the Secondary SAN as a extra disaster recovery level.

To summarize, we have built the infrastructure to be completely N+1 and then some, utilizing the top of the line Dell and vmWare products to fully reduce and minimize any hardware/network issues that may arise.