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Default Document Info

  • The default document is the page that loads when your site is loaded in an internet browser.
  • Our WCP and Linux/cPanel servers have predefined default documents but there are some cases where you may need the site to load a different page.
  • You can use the steps below to change the default document for your site in cPanel and WCP.

Changing the Default Document in Windows WCP

  • Login to your Windows Control Panel (
  • Click the IIS Setting icon under the Website Settings Panel
  • Click the Default Docs tab at the top of the Website Settings Window
  • Select a default document and drag it to the top position to set it as top priority
  • Click Add to add a default doc
  • Click the red X to delete a default doc
  • Click a default doc and change the name
  • For example: change "index.htm" to "index.asp"

Changing the Default Document in Linux cPanel

  1. Open the "File Manager"
  2. Right-click the ".htaccess" file and select "Code Edit"
  3. Enter the code below into the .htaccess file and click "Save" (replace "default.html" with the name of the default page you want to load)
DirectoryIndex default.html