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Depending on whether you are a Windows- or Linux-based hosting customer, you will have access to one of two control panel solutions to manage every aspect of your hosting package. Windows hosting customer will enjoy our custom-built Windows Control Panel (WCP), while Linux hosting customers will find cPanel to be a suitable equivalent.

Windows Control Panel (WCP)

The Windows Control Panel (WCP), also known as MochaPanel, was created by Hostek as an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel for all Windows-based hosting accounts including, ColdFusion, Railo, Lucee, and Windows VPS.

WCP is also the primary control panel for all Reseller accounts and permits reseller customers to rebrand the control panel with a custom logo, login URL, and more.

For more details, see the WCP article.

Windows Control Panel (WCP) – iOS

NOTE: The iOS app is being phased out. It is still available, but we will be launching a mobile friendly version of the web based control panel in the future. When that is done, we will no longer provide support for the iOS version.

Windows hosting or Reseller customers may also access their control panel from their iOS devices by downloading the free iOS application on the App Store. With this application, you have access to almost everything that the Windows Control Panel has to offer. And just like the Windows Control Panel, resellers are capable of rebranding some aspects of the application.

For more details, refer to the WCP article.

WHM & cPanel

Widely recognized as one of the best control panel applications for Linux-based hosting, cPanel is easy-to-use and comprehensive. That is why Hostek has chosen to use cPanel as the control panel of choice for all Linux-based hosting packages.

Linux Reseller customers also have access to cPanel's companion application WHM (WebHost Manager) which allows you to fully manage customer accounts.

For more details, see the cPanel article.


The Helm control panel is no longer supported. Instead, Windows hosting customers use our custom-built Windows Control Panel (WCP).

For more details, see the WCP article.


The Plesk control panel is no longer supported. Instead, Linux hosting customers use cPanel.

For more details, see the cPanel article.