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This page contains instructions and links for configuring and using the ContentBox CMS.

All ContentBox CMS hosting accounts will have the files and database automatically added to new sites. The ContentBox Installation Page section below has details on completing the initial setup screen.

CFML versions supported

NOTE: When the ContentBox hosting plan is selected, the appropriate version is selected and the application is auto installed, etc.

For those trying to get ContentBox working manually, the CFML versions supported are:

  • ColdFusion 9.01
  • ColdFusion 10 (but the upload feature will not work due to CF10 bug with J2EE sessions)
  • Railo 4.0.X and above

ContentBox Installation

Instructions for completing the initial setup page for a new ContentBox CMS site.

Note that the best way to install ContentBox is via our WCP Applications installer. That takes all the manual part out of it. If you prefer to install manually, go to and download the latest version of ContentBox. Upload the file to your wwwroot folder to begin the installation.

NOTE: The information below is just to let you know the fields you will encounter. Do NOT enter your information on this page :)


NOTE: Additional administrators can be added after installation.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username -
  • Password -
  • It is recommended to use a strong password, which should be remembered or kept in a secure place.

Site Information

  • Populate Site With Sample Data - Adds a sample page, sample post, and sample comments to the site. This is usually best for first time users.
  • Site Name - Description provided on installation page.
  • Administrator Email - Description provided on installation page.
  • Outgoing Email - Description provided on installation page.
  • Site Tag Line - Description provided on installation page.
  • Site Description - Description provided on installation page.
  • Site Keywords - Description provided on installation page.

Mail Server

NOTE: All these settings should be left as-is. The ColdFusion installation will already have these mail settings configured correctly.

  • Mail Server
  • Mail Server Username - Leave Blank
  • Mail Server Password - Leave Blank
  • Mail SMTP Port - Leave Blank
  • Use TLS - No
  • Use SSL - No

Site URL Rewrites

  • Enable Full URL Rewrites - Choose Yes and select iis7.

Start Installation!

  • Click the Start Installation! button to complete the installation.

Additional Details about ContentBox

Official Site for ContentBox

ContentBox Errors and Solutions

Error in instantiating the cfc modules.contentbox.model.system.EventHandler

If you come across this error and are running version 2.0 or lower, please upgrade your ContentBox installation to version 2.1. You can obtain the latest installer from the ContentBox Download Page.