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What is Colocation

In simplest terms related to servers, colocation would allow you to ship a server to the hosting provider. See below why this is not a good idea.

Does offer Colocation does not offer Colocation. See the reasons below in Reasons our Private Cloud is better.

Reasons our Private Cloud is better than Colocation

There are several reasons why hosting in our Private Cloud in a fully redundant virtual environment is better than Colocation. Here are some of the key reasons:

  • With Colo, when your hardware fails, and it will, you are down until that hardware is replaced.
    • With our Private Cloud, if the hardware fails that your server is on, it will automatically boot the server up on different hardware.
  • With Colo, you have to keep spare parts.
    • With our Private Cloud, we manage and maintain all the hardware, utilizing only the latest servers from Dell.
  • Virtual environments like our Private Cloud allow for more rapid and cost efficient scalability.
  • With our Private Cloud, you do not have to worry about your hardware becoming obsolete. We routinely cycle out outdated equipment. This is doable with zero downtime.
  • With our Private Cloud, you get full A/B power without the extra cost.
  • Replication. With our Private Cloud, we automatically replicate the servers to a separate backup Private Cloud.
  • We are a complete hosting service provider. We are not a landlord of different customer's hardware. We have been in business since 1998 and have lots of experience in what works and what doesn't work. We sincerely believe Colocation is not the right answer for any customer looking for a real, uptime focused solution.