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Creating a Scheduled Task with cfschedule

  1. Create a file locally using any text editor, save the file with the .CFM extension
  2. Copy and paste in the code example below taken from the *ColdFusion10 Documentation and save.
  3. Replace the data in the example with your data.

ColdFusion 9 and 10 Example

<h3>cfschedule Example</h3>
<!--- This read-only example schedules a task. 
        To run the example, remove the comments around the code 
        and change the startDate, startTime, url, file, and path attributes
        to appropriate values. --->
<cfschedule action = "update"
    task = "TaskName" 
    operation = "HTTPRequest"
    url = ""
    startDate = "8/17/09"
    startTime = "12:25 PM"
    interval = "3600"
    resolveURL = "Yes"
    publish = "Yes"
    file = "sample.html"
    path = "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\playpen"
    requestTimeOut = "600">

References: ColdFusion at Adobe

ColdFusion Tips & Tricks: Hostek Knowledge Base

  • For more information about attributes for cfschedule please see the following link: Adobe CF10