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This page discusses support for the CLR in MSSQL.

What is the CLR

CLR stands for "Common Language Runtime". This is the runtime that executes .Net code. The CLR integration within MSSQL allows functions written in .Net code to be integrated with your SQL queries and stored procedures.

Using the built-in SQL language to form queries will generally give you better performance than using the CLR as MSSQL is highly optimized for use with SQL. However, there are some table structures, such as hierarchies and XML, that can be complicated to work with using traditional SQL as compared with .Net.

Is the CLR supported?

Yes, CLR is supported for VPS servers only. We do not currently support the CLR on our shared hosting servers.

If I am using shared hosting, what options do I have?

If a site really has a need for CLR with MS SQL, it probably does not need to be on a shared server anyway. The option would be to upgrade to a Windows VPS so that this can be utilized.

Davidd (talk) 11:35, 1 November 2013 (CDT)