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Site Traffic and Site Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the data (traffic) that is sent between the server and another device like a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc. When text (plain html) is sent back and forth, that uses very little bandwidth. However, a large high definition video will use a lot more bandwidth than a html file.

How many Hits can my Site Receive?

We do not limit the number of hits your site can received. However, if your site begins to cause a problem on the shared servers, we will inform you and request that you move to a VPS asap. It is really rare to encounter this problem.

We have a very generous traffic/bandwidth allowance on our plans. Over 99.9% of all sites we host would not even reach the bandwidth allowed on our lowest plan. So basically in most cases, you should not be concerned with bandwidth usage or hits to your site.

If you already know that your site usages a lot of bandwidth or gets a ton of hits, you may be best suited for a VPS. That way your site will not cause problems for others and will isolate your site giving it all of the server's resources. Feel free to consult with our sales team and we can help find the right solution for you.

Unlimited Bandwidth - What's the catch?

For our unlimited bandwidth plans, we do not set any arbitrary limit or cap on the amount of Traffic/Bandwidth you use. However, if a site receives so much traffic that it has a negative effect on other sites on the server, we will then throttle the bandwidth for that site. This is a very rare occurrence. Generally if a site is receiving that much traffic, the site is not suited for shared hosting and should be on a VPS or Dedicated server for optimal performance and to prevent causing problems for shared customers.

Terms of Service

Unmetered Bandwidth

What is Unmetered Bandwidth? This means that your server is assigned a dedicated amount of mbps (mega bits per second) of bandwidth that only your server will use. No one will share this traffic/bandwidth and you can use the full amount at any time. This insures your server does not run into a per GB cap.