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Shared Hosting Backup Information

As a high value free service, by default, provides nightly backups (offsite in most cases).

What Backup Software is used?

We utilize CDP Backup by Idera. This product does a full initial backup with incremental backups thereafter, but at a block level rather than file level for faster backup and restore times.

How is it faster than most other backups?

The running agent interfaces with the OS to actually keep track of what changes and then just backs up those changes. If a server reboots, that tracking is lost and it has to do a full block scan. So the first backup after each reboot takes longer. After that, it is really very fast.

Additionally, with block level backups, it is less CPU and Ram intensive, allowing your applications to keep performing nicely during backups in most cases.

Shared Hosting Site Files

  • Shared hosting files are backed up nightly and kept for 14 days.

Shared Hosting Databases

  • Shared hosting databases are backed up nightly and kept for 7 days.

Shared Hosting Email

  • Shared hosting email is backed up nightly and kept for 7 days.

Restore Policy

  • Restore Policy: One free Customer requested restore (Full/Partial) from a backup per calendar quarter. Additional Customer requested restores per calendar quarter will be subject to a $9.95 restore fee.

Requesting a Restore

Request a restore by submitting a ticket at with the following detail:

  • Server Name
  • File(s) or Directory to be restored
  • Preferred Date & Closest time

Please allow ample time to restore, depending on the size of the files being restored it could take longer.