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This wiki article will show how Forward your domains URL.

URL forwarding using WCP

  1. First login to your WCP control panel for the account the domain is under: https://wcp.hostek.com
    Wcp url secure.png

    If you have any issues with logging into WCP then please see our tutorials on recovering your password if necessary

  2. Once logged into WCP if you have multiple domains you may need to select the appropriate domain to manage using the 'Hosted Domains' drop-down in the top-right of the page as shown in the screenshot below:
    Wcp change domain.png

  3. Now click on the icon labeled 'IIS Settings' under the Website Settings Tab


  5. You should now see Multiple options to include URL Forwarding this will be the Middle Option

  6. URL Forwarding.png

  7. Once on the URL Forwards tab choose the 'ADD' button located on per screenshot below:

  8. If you need a specific folder to redirect somewhere, you can find it using the 'Browse' button ##If you simply want the whole site to redirect, leave this box 'blank

  9. Click 'Save'
    • Permanent Redirect - specifies that the server should return the redirect status code 301 rather than the default 302. A 301 status code lets search engines know that the content has been permanently moved and that only the new URL should be indexed.
    • Exact URL - If this is unchecked, then the request URL without the server name is passed along with the query string to the destination URL. This is equivalent to appending the $V$Q variables at the end of the destination URL.
    • Exclude Sub Directories - This means that the folder you choose will not redirect...