SFTP - How to Enable sFTP on your VPS

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This is for setting up your VPS to have a domain use Secure File Transfer Protocol for being able to upload/remove files.


Creating Your SSH keys for a domain on your VPS

  1. Log into your WHM for your server.
  2. Go to your "Account Information" » "List Accounts" and access the cPanel for the domain in question.
  3. Access the SSH/Shell access Icon.
  4. Click the Manage Keys button.
  5. Click the Generate new Key at the top.
  6. Fill in the requested information to generate the key.
  7. You should now have both a Public and Private Key. Click and download both keys and save them on your computer.

Setting your FTP client to use SFTP

For these steps we will be using FileZilla.

  1. Open your FTP client and go to Edit -> Settings.
  2. Select the SFTP in the options menu.
  3. Click the Add Key.
  4. Browse for the Key you recently downloaded from cPanel.
    NOTE:If your key is already a .ppk file you should be fine if not FileZilla will ask to convert it.
  5. Click Ok to save the settings.
  6. Now you may begin to start your SFTP connection using port 22 with your other normal FTP credentials.