Restarting Railo on VPS

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Restarting Railo

Restart Railo on a Windows VPS

Follow these steps to restart Railo on Windows:

  1. Log onto server via Remote Desktop.
  2. Open up Services Manager.
  3. Find the Apache Tomcat Railo service.
    • Note: The service may be labeled Railo Server depending on the version.
  4. Right-click the service and click Restart.

After a couple of minutes Railo will finish restarting and your site will be accessible.

Restart Railo on a Linux VPS using command line

It is not recommended to restart Railo using Cpanel. Instead, you will need to SSH into the server. If you do not have SSH access, create a support ticket at and request it.

SSH into the server and paste the following command:
service railo_ctl restart

This will restart Railo.