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Setting Permissions On Linux/cPanel

There are 2 methods for adjusting your file and directory permissions.

  1. First method that can be used is the FileManager from cPanel.
    When you select the file or directory you can click the key icon at the top for changing permissions.
  2. Second method is to use a FTP client like FileZilla.
    Highlight the file and choose the change permission option.
    If an option is not listed right click the file and select file permissions.
Permissions breakdown:
R - Read
W - Write
X - Execute
User, Group, World
0 - No permission
1 - X
2 - W
3 - WX
4 - R
5 - RX
6 - RW
7 - RWX
Default file and folder permissions:
Files 644
Folders 755

Setting Permissions On Windows

Read, Write, and Delete permissions are set by default on our servers. However, if you are receiving a permissions related error or need specific permissions set for a file or folder (such as read-only) you can contact support at and let us know the file or folder and the specific permissions you need set.