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MSSQL Tools Alternative

An alternative to MSSQL Tools is to simply use the free Microsoft SQL Management Studio, which is used to connect and manage databases manually.

  • Note: This program is installed by default if MSSQL was ordered with your VPS. So you can simply remote in to your VPS and launch this program from the desktop of start menu.
  1. Microsoft SQL Management Studio download page:
  2. Microsoft SQL Management Studio official tutorial:

MSSQL Tools on a Windows VPS

Our Shared Hosting Plans include MSSQL Tools, so some of our customers have grown accustomed to using this software to manage their databases. In order for you to utilize these tools on your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) you'll need to purchase a license from the creators of MSSQL Tools.

Below, you can review the myLittleAdmin and myLittleBackup software licenses and pricing, which are purchased separately:

If you decide to purchase a license, simply submit a ticket to our 24/7 Support Team with your license information so we can integrate this with WCP (MochaPanel) on your server.