How To Reduce SPAM on SmarterMail VPS

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SPAM is a constant problem everyone faces with email. It's been reported that over 84% of all email is spam. By following the steps below you should be able to reduce most of the potential spam from hitting your mail boxes on a SmarterMail VPS.

Eamil Password Strength

Security > Advanced Settings > Password Requirements

Make sure ALL of the boxes related to the items below are Enabled/Checked.
Minimum Password Length - Set this to at least 8.  Higher if possible, but no less than 8.  
Require a number in the password
Require a capital letter in the password
Require a lower case letter in the password
Require a symbol in the password
Require password does not match username
Disable password strength for existing passwords
Enable password retrieval

Security > Greylisting

Block Period - 3 minutes seems to work well.
Pass Period - 360 (default... do not enter lower number)
Record Expiration - We like to use a 2 month range like 61 
In the dropdown choose Apply to Everyone
Enable Greylisting - Checked
Enable users to override greylisting - Make sure this is NOT checked

Security > Antispam Administration > Options

Auto-Responders - Set to Require Message Passed SPF or Disabled if you do not need to use Auto Responders
Content Filter Bouncing - Set this to Disabled
Max message size to content scan - Set this to 2000 unless you get a lot of known email over 1000 KB but less than 2000 KB
Leave the rest of the fields Unchecked

Security > Antispam Administration > SMTP Blocking

Incoming Weight Threshold - 30 and Checked/Enabled
Greylist Weight Threshold - Make sure this is NOT enabled, so that all email is Greylisted