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MS SQL Databases

Shared Hosting Considerations

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web edition is used for serving our customers shared accounts. We also offer MyLittleAdmin and MyLittleBackup to our shared customers through the WCP.

VPS Hosting Considerations

For access to MyLittleAdmin and MyLittleBackup for VPS customers additional licensing is required, please contact support.

Backwards Compatibility

Older versions of databases can be imported onto newer MSSQL servers, but newer versions cannot be used on older MSSQL servers.

  • A MSSQL 2008 database can be imported into MSSQL 2012, however, a MSSQL 2012 database cannot be used on a MSSQL 2008 server.

SQL Express and SQL Web Limitations

MS SQL Express 2014

  • Max Database size 10 GB in size
  • Max RAM utilization 1 GB Ram

MS SQL Web 2014

  • Max Database size 524 PB in size
  • Max RAM utilization 64 GB Ram

MS SQL Express 2012

  • Max Database size 10 GB in size
  • Max RAM utilization 1 GB Ram

To manage SQL 2012, please see our SQL Server 2012 Wiki here

MS SQL Express 2008

  • Max Database size 4 GB in size
  • Max RAM utilization 1 GB Ram


  • For supporting a busy database or several databases with normal usage we recommend the Web edition with available RAM over 1GB.
  • Scheduled Tasks: If you need to use Scheduled Tasks with the SQL Agent, you will need the Web Edition or higher.

Web Edition Limitations

  • Full-text indexing is not installed by default, request should be made to support for installing with full-text indexing.
  • Cannot be a Publisher for SQL Replication, for supporting SQL Replication and publishing we recommend the Standard Edition

MS SQL Editions Comparison

MS SQL Edition Comparisons (Microsoft chart)