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I want to use cfhtmltopdf. Is the PDF Generation Service (PDFg) available?

The <cfhmtltopdf> tag works on our Linux ColdFusion 11 servers, but it will only work for content generated within your application. At the moment there is an issue preventing the PDFg service from capturing PDFs of remote Web pages. If your application requires this functionality, please contact our support team and ask to have your site moved to a Windows ColdFusion 11 server so you can capture PDFs of Web pages.

How do I add a ColdFusion Datasource (DSN)?

To add a ColdFusion Datasource (DSN) login to your cPanel account, then click the ColdFusion DSNs icon under the Databases section. Enter the info you used to create your database (the Server is localhost if you created the database in cPanel), then click the Create DSN button. Once the page has been submitted you'll be able to use the datasource within your ColdFusion application.

I unzipped an application like Mura, but its installer says it can't write to a folder. How do I fix this?

When unzipping an application or bundle of files through cPanel's File Manager, the folders will not automatically inherit the correct permissions for CF to write to subfolders.

If you're using Mura, the easiest way around this would be to use Softaculous within your cPanel account to install the Mura files to your account. You will still have to create a MySQL database and Datasource (DSN) within your control panel for Mura to use, but Softaculous will copy the files to your folder with the correct permissions in-place. Just click the Softaculous link within cPanel, search for Mura, and follow the directions to install it. Softaculous can also do this for ContentBox, and we will be adding more CFML applications to Softaculous over time.

Alternatively, you can just use your cPanel File Manager to edit the permissions on folders that need to be writable. Just click the folder, click the Change Permissions icon, and give the folder group write permissions.