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Will I have full access to CFAdmin

ColdFusion VPS

Yes, on our ColdFusion VPS solutions you will have full access to CFAdmin.

Accessing CF Admin through WCP

  1. Log in to WCP at
  2. Once logged in click on 'VPS Manager'
  3. Click on Coldfusion Admin and it will take you to your CFAdmin

Accessing CF Admin through Remote Desktop

  1. Login to Remote Desktop for your server
  2. There will be a shortcut on your desktop labelled 'CFAdmin'. Double-click on that
  3. The CFAdmin log in page will load in internet explorer. Enter your credentials.

ColdFusion Shared Hosting

No, on our Shared Hosting you will not have access to CFAdmin.

However, we have built in controls within our control panel that allows you to do the common CFAdmin functions like creating a DataSource (DSN). In most cases, you will not need access to CFAdmin. In those rare cases in which you feel you do, contact one of our ColdFusion VPS sales engineers and we can help determine if that is the best solution for you.