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Backing Up Database

  • To create a copy of your database you'll need to use the MyLittleBackup Tool in your WCP.
  • Backing up your database in SQL Management Studio is not supported on our shared MS SQL database servers, so we make this available via the MyLittleBackup Tool.
  • A nightly backup of the database is made when the server is backed up. Additionally, a backup copy of the database is created automatically each night on the database server itself.

NOTE: If you have a VPS with MS SQL running on it, you can backup the MS SQL database on your VPS. The above instructions are for shared hosting accounts.

Steps to take before Restoring a Database

Before you restore a Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) database through MyLittleBackup there are a few precautions to take.

  1. Make sure you set your tables and stored procedures to be owned by DBO as described in this forum post. (Pay attention to the second post in that thread for instructions on modifying your stored procedures)
  2. Because MS SQL Server includes a database's users in the backup it creates, you'll want to temporarily remove the database user from your local database. This will prevent issues when restoring the database to our environment.
  3. Once you've created a backup of your database, you'll want to log into your control panel. Once in the control panel, click the MS SQL icon and edit your database. Here you will set the Database Owner to 'none' and save.
  4. Now you can click the SQL Tools icon in your control panel to log into MyLittleBackup and restore your database backup.
  5. Once the restoration has completed, edit your database via the control panel and set the Database Owner back to your database's username.