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ASP Components

Here are a list of Custom Components supported (most commonly for for ASP pages):

  • AspMail
  • AspEmail
  • ASPUpload
  • SAFileUp (select servers)
  • ASPImage
  • ASPJpeg
  • AspGrid
  • AspEncrypt
  • AspHTTP
  • AspPdf
  • csImageFile
  • csFTPQuick
  • csAspZip

The following are not custom components, but are part of the operating system:

  • CDOSYS - We suggest CDOSYS over CDONTS
  • CDONTS - Being phased out, CDOSYS replaces it


  • To use AspPDF in ASP.NET, you must place the wrapper assembly ASPPDFLib.dll (included with the installation) in the /Bin directory of your .NET application, and use the following directive in your source files:
<%@ Import Namespace="ASPPDFLib" %>